To My Son {On Your First Day of PreK}

Look at you; standing there with your contagious smile, backpack swung over your shoulder and joy in your eyes.
It’s school day; it’s finally here.
You’re starting PreK.
This isn’t your first first day of school, but something about today feels different.
It’s a big milestone; a major turning point.
In May I was uncertain. I didn’t know if you’d be ready. But this summer you’ve blown us away. You’ve found your voice and you’re on your way to great things.  
Have I told you how much you amaze me?
Your determination and perseverance is the reason you’re ready to walk into that classroom today.
I remember a few years back, watching you through the two-way glass, struggling to make the most simple sounds. I remember the way my heart ached at the site of your frustration. You had so much you wanted to say. More than once I wiped tears from my eyes before greeting you with a smile after your speech session.
I pleaded with God; begged to hear your voice.
I was scared; unsure of what the future held.

What if you never talked?

My biggest fear was that somewhere along the way I failed you.




The progress was painfully slow, but His promise never changed: If it seems slow in coming, wait. It’s on the way. It will come at the right time. (Habakkuk 2:3)

The words were slow to come; but they are here to stay.

Every struggle.

Every tear.

Every fear.

They faded at the sound of of your voice.

I can’t promise PreK will be a breeze. You will probably have to work harder than other kids your age. The classroom still presents a unique set of challenges for you; but that’s okay.

Because here’s what I can promise…

I will always be your biggest cheerleader.

I will be your voice when your’s is shaky.

I will be your advocate when nobody else is standing up for you.

I will stay up late and help you with homework.

I will go the extra mile to make sure you get the education you deserve.

I will continue raising my voice; long after you’ve found yours.

I will never give up on you!

Where We Go To Breathe {And the Difference a Year Makes}

We waited all summer to sink our toes into the powdered-sugar sand. It’s hard to believe our week at the beach has already come to an end. I’m not sure how I acquired my love for sand and salt water. Growing up I spent summers in the cool mountain air of Colorado. My parents just aren’t beach people; but it has become my happy place.

Jackson’s too. He’s quite the little beach bum.

We’ve been home less than 48 hours and he’s already asking to go back.

Maybe we should relocate?

Destin is where we go to breathe.







Apraxia, Sensory Processing Disorder and therapy appointments aren’t at the forefront of our minds.

There’s something about the smell of sunscreen and sun-kissed skin that rejuvenates the soul.

As we drove to Florida  John and I reminisced about how much has changed in one short year.

Last year Jackson had very few words; this year he talked our ears off.

He told us about his favorite sea animals.

We had conversations in the car.

Single words have transformed into sentences.

Last year we were at our wits end; desperate to find ways to help our sensory seeker.

It was on our balcony that John finally admitted I was right; we were dealing with Apraxia and Sensory Processing Disorder.

Jackson grabbed every child within his reach. John and I were anxious every time we left our condo. Riding the elevator was a challenge and we didn’t dare take Jackson to popular tourist spots.

But this year we took Jackson to the aquarium.

This year he rode the elevator and he kept his hands to himself.

This year there were no meltdowns.

This year he played with other kids in the pool.

Every special-needs family deserves a place where they can breathe. 

I am so thankful we’ve found ours.







Four Reasons I’m Feeling Frazzled

I’m Packing For Our Florida Vacation

I’m knee-deep in swimsuits and tank tops. I’m crossing things off my lists (yes, I said lists. I’m that Type-A). And did I mention I loathe packing? Like, I just want to cry as I stare at my empty suitcase. I always take way too much stuff. Last summer I told John, next year I just need shorts and t-shirts. Nothing fancy. He reminded me of my words on Monday. I went through the piles of clothes on my bed several times before narrowing it down to just shorts and t-shirts. 

And don’t even get me started on how frazzled I’ve felt trying to update Jackson’s iPad in preparation for the 12 hour car ride.

Jackson Needs a Haircut

Every. Single. Sensory Mama knows the struggle is real. A haircut is a must before we head to the beach and I. AM. DREADING. IT! The last few times we’ve buzzed Jackson’s head it’s been anything but pleasant. The distractions that used to work wonders (letting him have a water hose to take his mind off things) are no longer legit. Haircuts are once again the death of me.

I Want Picture-Perfect Memories

Last year we had family photos taken at the beach. This year I decided it was best for our budget if we skipped the professional photographer since we now have a car payment. I’m very torn by this decision. I know it’s the responsible thing to do, but I’m sort of a freak when it comes to photos. I love them. I take a ton of them. I want picture-perfect memories and by golly I’d like to be in a few of them too. So I’m doing the more practical, cost-efficient thing I can do. I’m taking my tripod and remote. I’ll take some photos of Jackson one evening on the beach and hopefully get one or two decent ones of the three of us. But I’m stressing. Because that’s what you do when you’re Type-A.

View More:

 I’m Trying to Raise Funds for the Apraxia Walk

I’ve been feeling a lot of pressure lately to be the top fundraising team at the Apraxia Walk again this year. Last year we raised $1500 for a cause that’s become very important to us. We’ve started our fundraising efforts and I’m feeling discouraged. I’m not sure we’ll raise as much as we did last year. Many days I feel like I’m falling short.

I want to make a difference. I want to be Jackson’s biggest advocate. I want our family and friends to join our team. Having a child with Apraxia, I’m determined to raise awareness about the speech disorder. But I feel like I’m bugging family and friends when I ask them to join our team, make a donation, or buy a t-shirt.

But I’ll keep bugging people. I’ll keep advocating. This cause is personal. This disorder robbed Jackson of his voice for SO long! The money raised through the Apraxia Walk funds speech therapy grants. Without speech therapy children with CAS would never find their voice. Speech therapy is not an option; it’s a necessity! We’ve spent thousands of dollars on speech therapy (and that’s with insurance) but many families are denied coverage and simply can’t afford the help their children need. 

I will continue asking our friends and family to donate, to join our team, to wear a t-shirt to support Jackson. Jackson is beating Apraxia. We’ve walked a hard road; but it’s become smoother. Now it’s time that we help families who are a few steps behind us. Will you join us??? Donations can be made here.



Seven Things I Learned In July

  1. Fourth of July Is A Favorite

I have wonderful childhood memories of the Fourth of July and I keep adding to them the older I get. The one day celebration, smack dab in the heat of summer, has become a holiday I look forward to. I think it’s because it’s so low-key. There’s not the stress that comes with Thanksgiving and Christmas. We grill some hotdogs, invite friends over, spread a blanket in the front yard and watch an amazing firework show. I love watching Jackson’s excitement over the fireworks. This year when asked what fireworks do, he yelled boom, boom, boom.


2. Summer Nights are the Best

Whether we’re hanging out in the backyard at dusk or roaming around our local university campus, I adore summer nights. I love trips to Classic 50’s for Happy Hour. I love watching my little boy splash in the fountains. I love walking barefoot through the soft, cool grass. I love the excitement when a lightening bug is spotted in the thick of the trees. I love ice cream dinners and walks at dusk.


3. The Secret Life of Pets is a Must-See

Jackson was so excited to see the “puppy dog movie!” The kid loves dogs and was hooked from the opening scene. He laughed at the wiennie dog getting his back scratched with a mixer and head-banged with the poodle. He sat in his seat and polished off a bucket of popcorn and he’s been talking about it every since. I have a feeling Santa will be leaving the DVD in his stocking.


4. Some Friendships Withstand Time and Miles 

I spent time with two friends earlier this month who I hadn’t seen in a while. Liz and I worked together at the state newspaper years ago. She introduced me to her sister Alicia, who ended up being my roommate for a while. Alicia is a busy mama and military wife and lives out of state; and although Liz lives just a few miles away and we attend the same church, life is busy and we don’t see each other often.

Our friendship goes back many years – from coworkers, to roommates, to prayer partners – and we’ve made many great memories. Being reunited this month was a sweet reminder that time and distance hadn’t changed a thing.


5. The 17th Was National Ice Cream Day

Ice cream is a big deal at our house! I even wrote about our love for the frozen treat once. I wasn’t aware of the significance of July 17th until this year. Of course we had to partake! So I bought several flavors of ice-cream and a box of cones and we had our own little celebration sitting in the shade on a hot summer day!


6. Autry Hasn’t Outgrown Oklahoma

This was Autry’s fifth summer to visit Oklahoma. She started coming when she was 9-years-old and got pretty homesick that first year. Now that she’s a teenager she doesn’t get homesick, she just sleeps until noon. This year the two of us did a lot of things together while Jackson was at school. We rode the new Ferris Wheel and the water taxi in Bricktown. We did a little back-to-school shopping and stopped for Sprittles during happy hour at Classic 50’s (a tradition)!! Autry keeps telling me she’ll never be too old to come to Oklahoma.


7. Jackson Is Cavity Free 

We found an amazing pediatric dentist who has experience with kids with special needs/sensory issues. I was super nervous about Jackson’s appointment, but it went better than we expected. Jackson was super pumped about the video games in the waiting room! He was a little unsure about having his teeth cleaned, but we got it done. The dentist counted 20 “shark” teeth and said Jackson’s teeth looked awesome. I was so relieved (especially since he drinks chocolate milk and eats fruit snacks a lot and they told us those were two of the worst things for kids’ teeth!) Oops! I guess we aren’t Parents of the year! Regardless, there were no meltdowns and no cavities! I call that a parenting win!


The Ultimate List of Boy Books

This morning I scrolled through my email and discovered there’s a new Little Blue Truck book! What? How did I miss this? Jackson adores the Little Blue Truck books. So I did what any mama of a truck-loving boy would do. I added that book to my cart and it will be on my doorstep in two days (thank you Amazon Prime!)

I got to thinking about all the books Jackson loves – books about trucks, trains and planes – and decided to make one big list of all our favorites. If you have a boy, these books are for you!




Little Blue Truck: A little blue farm truck and his animal friends help a grumpy dump truck after he gets stuck in the mud. The grumpy dump learns that you have to slow down and be polite. If you don’t, you’ll end up stuck without anyone willing to help you out of the mess. This book was the inspiration for Jackson’s first birthday party.

Little Blue Truck Leads the Way: The little blue farm truck is far from the county. He finds himself in the middle of the big city. The cabs and other vehicles are in too big of a hurry and whiz by the Little Blue Truck. When a traffic jam keeps the mayor from getting to his important destination, Little Blue Truck comes to the rescue.

Little Blue Truck’s Christmas is another favorite in our house and the perfect addition to our Christmas book collection. A story of Little Blue delivering Christmas trees to all his friends on the farm.

Little Blue Truck’s Halloween This is the newest book and I can’t wait to read it with Jackson!

Smash! Mash! Crash! There Goes the Trash!: We are all about the trash truck at our house. This is a fun book about the garbage truck and all the stinky items it picks up on it’s route. Fun rhyming words and silly sayings.

I Stink!: Another book about a garbage truck. Learn the parts of a garbage truck, how it collects the trash, and takes it to the dump. Your little one will get a lesson in his ABC’s as you read the list of items being thrown into the garbage truck – egg shells, nasty neck ties, and baked zitti with zucchini.

I’m Dirty!We are a big fan of construction trucks in our house, too. This book is about the day in the life of a backhoe loader and all the dirty jobs he has to do.

Where Do Diggers Sleep At Night?: Before you tuck your son into bed, make sure all the trucks are tucked in, too. The firetruck in the firehouse. The tractor in the barn. It’s a great bedtime story for any truck-lovin boy.

Where Do Steam Trains Sleep At Night?  This book just released in May, so I added it to my Amazon order this morning. It will no doubt be a hit with my train loving kid! 

Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site: End the long, hard day by saying goodnight to the construction crew. The dump truck, the cement mixer, and the excavator need some sleep so they can work hard again tomorrow.

Goodnight Baseball: Most of our collection involves trucks, but this book is just as much for Jackson as it is for my baseball loving husband. A little boy takes a trip to the ballpark and wishes the players, the fans, and the crowd goodnight after the big game.

Roadwork – We wore out our first copy of this book. The cover had completely fallen off. I had to snag another copy on a recent trip to Target. It’s a great board book about a construction crew building a road. It’s a sing song read with great words like ping, bang, boom, and splat!

Demolition – This book is written by the same author as Roadwork. It’s about a crew doing demolition in order to build a new playground. It’s the same great sing song read as Roadwork with the same great descriptive words.

Construction This time the construction crew is busy building a library!

I’m Mighty – This book is written by the same author who wrote I Stink and I’m Dirty (two of our ALL time favorites). It’s about a tug boat and  his adventures.

I’m Brave Join the big red firetruck as he sets out on an adventure to put out the flames.

I’m Fast – Jackson loves trains! I hear Woo Woo constantly! This book is about a train that races a red car to Chicago. “Chooka Chooka Chooka Chooka…..”

Diggers Go – I found this book at a gift shop in the DFW airport. It’s bright and colorful illustrations are fun. Each page tells about a certain piece of construction equipment and the sound it makes. It’s easy to get tongue-tied reading this one! The same author has also written Trucks Go, Trains Go and Planes Go. We’ve got them all!

Digger, Dozer, Dumper This book includes a fun rhyming description of every truck you can imagine.

Mighty Dads I bought this book because it’s perfect for a daddy to read to to his son at bedtime. A story about all the Daddy trucks teaching their sons what it means to work hard.

The Littlest Snowplow Just because you’re small, doesn’t mean you aren’t tough. The little snowplow proves just how important he is when a blizzard buries the city.

How to Train a Train We went through a long period where this is ALL Jackson wanted to read. It’s a silly book about a boy catching and training a pet train.

Bulldozer’s Big Day I ordered this for Jackson’s birthday not realizing it’s a story about Bulldozer’s birthday! Bulldozer thinks his friends have forgotten his big day; but it turns out they have the perfect celebration planned and it includes one ginormous cake!

What I’m Reading This Summer

This summer is all about books! I’m not writing as much, but I’m definitely reading! All my favorite authors have released or will release a new book this summer. I’ve pre-ordered each and every one of them (thank you Amazon Prime)! My beach bag will be full of wonderful stories to get lost in while I sit on the beach in August! Here’s what I’ve read so far ( and the books I’m waiting to find in my mailbox).


Pretending to Dance By Diane Chamberlain

Aside from the fact that I always enjoy Chamberlain’s novels, this book intrigued me because of the adoption story weaved throughout the pages. As Molly and her husband prepare to adopt a baby, she must face her own dark secrets. The life she’s tried to forget and has strived so hard to hide now threatens the family she desperately longs to have.

All the Summer Girls By Meg Donohue

A story of three former best friends who have returned to the beach town, where tragedy struck and tore them apart. After years of secrets, the truth is finally revealed among the sand dunes and salty air. All the Summer Girls is a story about secrets, lies, deception, love, forgiveness and starting over.

Big Little Lies By Liane Moriarty

I’ve read most of Moriarty’s books – some I’ve loved; some I didn’t even finish – however, Big Little Lies did not disappoint. I love the way she weaves the stories of several characters together, surprising the reader at every twist and turn. Madeline, Celeste and Jane have no idea just how connected their lives really are and the tragedy that will occur because of their little white lies.

Barefoot Season By Susan Mallery

Michelle has just returned home to Blackberry Inn after ten years and three tours in Afghanistan. She’s healing from physical and emotional wounds and the last person she wants to deal with is her ex-best friend Carly. Carly has kept Blackberry Inn running since Michelle’s mother died, clueless that it’s on the verge of foreclosure. Michelle is desperate to save the Inn but needs Carly’s help to do it. Will she swallow her pride or lose the only place she’s ever called home?

Here’s To Us By Elin Hilderbrand

I’ve never not loved a book by Elin Hildebrand. Her novels scream summertime and her newest release did not disappoint. Three women – who loved (and married) the same man, but hate each other – find themselves on Nantucket to say their final goodbyes to famous chef, Deacon Thorpe. Throw Deacon’s three children into the mix and the drama just escalates. The untraditional family fights, laughs, cries, betrays and loves as they figure out how to live life without the man they all loved.

Currently Reading…















Books Sitting On My Bedside Table…

Three Sisters By Susan Mallery

Chose the Wrong Guy, Gave Him the Wrong Finger By Beth Harbison

Books Making Their Way To My Mailbox….

Truly Madly Guilty By Liane Moriarty

Once Upon a Wine By Beth Kendrick

Results May Vary By Bethany Chase


Ten Things I Learned In June

  1. Jelly Bean Loves Bubbles 

Jackson loves bubbles and so does his dog! Jelly Bean springs to life at the first site of bubbles blowing in the wind. She flies across the yard, jumps into the air and pops them with her mouth. It’s pretty much the cutest thing ever! I adore these action shots I took of her earlier this month.


2. Depression Doesn’t Always Mean You’re Sad

I’ve struggled with depression off and on as an adult. For me depression isn’t so much about being sad, it’s about feeling lonely. Earlier this month I was in one of those hard, dark places. I was struggling. I believed the enemies lies. I felt completely alone.

Ann Voskamp recently wrote, monotony can weaken faith more than catastrophe. Maybe it’s not the monotony of life but the loneliness of life. 

I think her words hold so much truth.

3. You’re Never too Old to Drink Kool-Aid


4. We Made the Right Decision Enrolling Jackson in Summer School

It was a last-minute decision, but a good one! Jackson is doing so well, he loves school and the schedule is almost identical to what he’ll be doing in PreK. We knew if was very important that we keep him in a classroom setting at least a few days a week. Structure and routine are so important to him. Going to school twice a week is setting him up for success when he starts going five days a week in August. We’ve seen him grow leaps and bounds (not just with his language) in the past few months. I have no doubt he’s going to be in a good place, ready to rock Prek, come the first day of school!

5. Lemon Oreos are the Perfect Summer Treat

6. “Finding Dory” is a Must-See this Summer

We took Jackson to see the Nemo Movie (as he calls it) and we couldn’t have loved it more! He is still talking about it! I happened to love the movie even more after reading this article. I could totally relate to the scene where Dory’s parents expressed their fears about Dory’s future- one of them being whether or not Dory would make friends. The movie left me thinking about many things – both from an adoptive mamas’s perspective and as the mama of a child with special needs.

7. It Was Time to Toss the Shorts

There are two pairs of shorts that have mocked me every May for the past few years. I’d slip them on and they were always just a little too tight after the long winter months. I’d slip them off and my self-esteem would plummet. They motivated me to get moving but not in a good way. I obsessed about fitting into those shorts. I didn’t feel good about myself. I finally decided it was time to stop the nonsense.

Yes, I started working out. Yes, the shorts were a little less snug. But I realized that I don’t want to feel the way those shorts made me feel every single summer. I bought them years ago – in the junior section! I’m 34-years-old and my body isn’t gonna be like it was when I was 24. So I tossed them and bought new shorts. They slip on a little easier and make me feel good about the skin I’m in.


8. The State of My Heart is More Important than the Size of My Body 

I was so focused on fitting into those shorts that I stopped caring for my heart. Sure, it’s important to take care of our physical bodies, but not at the expense of our spiritual health.  Several years ago I got intentional about my quiet time. I was in God’s word daily and my relationship with Him flourished. When I got serious about my physical health a few months ago, my quiet time became almost nonexistent.

It wasn’t long before I began to catch glimpses of a heart I didn’t want to have – anger, bitterness and jealousy started seeping out and it wasn’t pretty.

It’s hard for me to balance my spiritual and physical health, especially when I’m busy doing the whole mom thing.

But I’m learning the state of my heart is much more important than the number on the scale.

9. It’s Time to Call It What It Is

A thousand thoughts went through my mind the day news broke of the Orlando shooting, but what kept coming to mind as I read everyone’s opinion on Facebook was this…

It should NOT matter if those that lost their lives were black, white, gay or straight, children or adults, tall or short, fat or thin. They were people. People loved dearly by God. Nobody deserves to die in such a horrific way.

Let’s stop blaming sexual orientation. Let’s stop blaming guns. Let’s stop making this a republican verses democrat issue. 

This is something we should be UNITED about.

Let’s call it what it is.

It’s EVIL.

It’s HATE.

We can do much better than that.

Let’s LOVE.

10. I LOVE Zumba!

I discovered our church has a free Zumba class on Tuesday nights. I’ve been wanting to try Zumba for a while so I asked my friend Emily if she’d like to join me. We pushed our insecurities aside and gave it a try. I have never laughed or sweated so much in my life! It was so much fun I didn’t even feel like I was exercising! You know you have a true friend when she’ll look like a fool with you, laugh her butt off with you and sweat like never before!

When Your Offering Becomes An Idol

It’s been quiet around here lately. I’ve felt a need to step away from the blog (and even my Facebook page) over the past few weeks. I’m not completely sure what the future will look like in either space. I can’t see myself giving up writing completely; it’s ingrained in me. It’s who I am.

But I’m realizing more and more that my worth is not wrapped up in the words I write.

The other day I stumbled across something on social media that describes the season I’m in. I think I’ve taken a sabbatical. I’m not quitting, I’m just taking a rest from work or more literally, ceasing. A period of rest and rejuvenation. 

I don’t make much; but writing is my life’s work.

Writing is therapy.

Writing is surrender.

Writing is my offering at His feet.

But there are times when writing entangles me.



Social media, platforms and status updates leave me weary.

My worth gets tied up in the words I write.

They are no longer an offering but an idol.

That’s when I have to take a step back.

That’s what I’ve been doing this summer.

God has tucked writing dreams into the deep places of my heart, but the outpouring of words hasn’t always resulted in the outcome hoped for.

I’ve heard His voice numerous time – a small whisper instructing me to share my stories as a way of pointing others to Him.

There’s a purpose for the words I pen; although at times it feels like the words just disappear into thin air.

Recently our pastor shared these words: The process to get to the promise is often messy. We can’t focus on the promise more than we focus on God. 

I’m guilty of doing just that.

But when I cease striving, spend time with Him, and pen words straight from the deep places He’s touched, that’s when He moves.

I pour out my offering.

I share struggles.

Pain often leads to purpose.

And I catch a glimpse of the promise He’s given me through the words of a reader – keep writing, we’re listening! 


Seven Things I Learned In May

1. Tuesdays Won’t be the Same 

We have been blessed to be part of an equine therapy program since August. Unfortunately, the program closed it’s doors this month and Jackson took his final ride. There was nothing better than seeing Jackson on top of a horse. I will never forget his first session. He hopped on the horse without an ounce of fear and said the word orange for the first time. From that day on he could say every single one of his colors.

He was super excited to receive a trophy during his last session. He kept saying, horse trophy, horse trophy, Jackson’s room. It sits proudly on a shelf in his bedroom. We will miss the staff and the horses; but we’re so thankful for the amazing memories we made during the past ten months.


2. 21 Day Fix

I completed my first round of 21 Day Fix this month (the exercises anyway) and I really and truly love it! I didn’t follow the food plan or drink the shakes because I’m honestly a very picky eater and purchasing the shakes just isn’t in the budget right now. I decided I would make healthier food choices and drink a few less Dr Peppers. The number on the scale isn’t a whole lot different, but my body is changing. I’m toning up and slimming down. But the best part? I’m getting stronger. When I started the program I had to do the plank exercises on my knees; now I can do them on my toes! I’m learning it’s all about progress, not perfection. Each day as I sweat, I’m telling myself these ten things!


3. The Best Mother’s Day Gifts Can’t Be Bought

Mother’s Day was filled with a sweet message from Jackson’s birth mother, a free family portrait (that Jackson sat still for) at church and Jackson talking my ear off. Not a single one of these gifts cost a dime; but they are gifts I will cherish forever. So very valuable in my eyes. And the best gift of the day? Jackson decided Mother’s Day was the perfect time to start taking himself to the potty! Hallelujah and Amen!


4. IEP Meetings Are For Advocating

What do you do when your IEP meeting is the Friday before Apraxia Awareness Day? You take goody bags for each member of the team – filled with information about Apraxia. You also take a huge cookie cake to celebrate the progress your son has made this year – because so many words, y’all! He’s talking up a storm.


5. My Worth Isn’t Found In What I Write or What I Weigh

6. Even Though It’s Difficult, Leave Him With Pop and Lolli

When you have a child with special needs there are very few people you feel comfortable leaving your kid with. My parent’s are  the only ones who watch Jackson for extended periods of time. This month he went to Pop and Lolli’s house for a few days so we could meet up with our friends in Boston and road trip  to Montreal.

This mama was nervous. It’s not because I don’t trust my parents. I do. I was just worried about the things they aren’t used to dealing with because they don’t see Jackson on a daily basis. There’s the meltdowns, lots and lots of words that can’t always be understood, sensory issues and the exhaustion that comes from keeping up with a sensory seeker. I was worried because my mom happened to mention a few weeks ago that Jackson gets sad and calls my name at bedtime (Why did she tell me that??) My sister reassured me that everything would be okay and she’d be there to help my parents out.

I was nervous but I also needed a break. So despite how difficult it was, we left him with Pop and Lolli and enjoyed some much needed adult time. While we made our way through Montreal, Jackson took on Texas! I’m sure there was plenty of Dairy Queen ice-cream, rides in Pop’s truck and trips to Whataburger. It doesn’t take much to make the kid happy!

7. I’m Lovin’ My New Summer Hair 



Kicking Off Summer { And A Bucket List }

Yesterday was Jackson’s last day of school and the temperatures were a sure sign of what summer will be like in Oklahoma. Hot and sticky!  We celebrated the last day of school with 50 cent corn dogs from Sonic (that Jackson didn’t eat).

A nap was not happening when there was a water hose and sunshine waiting outside.  Jackson officially kicked off summer with mud puddles, popsicles and a much-needed haircut!

Can I just say how happy I am that it’s summer? Hair cuts are a breeze when I can give Jackson the water hose to distract him!

It’s hard to believe this is our last summer before Jackson starts school full-time. Come August he will be going to school five days a week (which will make having to answer his constant question “cool day?” a lot easier).

This summer will be about making sweet memories.

Sticky, sweet, ice-cream melting memories. 

And we’ll eat our fair share of ice cream too!


Here are a few of the activities we hope to mark off our bucket list this summer.

1. Play in the Fountains in Sundance Square.

2. Head Back to Destin for another Wonderful Week at the Beach.

3. Autry’s Annual Visit to Oklahoma.

4. Go Swimming.

5. Slurp a Sprittle from Classic 50’s.

6. Watch Fireworks.

7. See Dolphins and other Sea Life at the Aquarium.

8. Play in the Backyard Until Dark.

9. Spend the Day at the Water Park with Family and Friends.

10. Make Kool-aid.

11. Have a Pizza Picnic.

12. Explore a New Place We’ve Never Been.

13. Build a Sandcastle.

14. Go see Finding Dory.

15. Make Memories with our Friends.


What’s on your summer bucket list? I’d love to hear where you’ll be traveling and how you plan to stay cool during the dog days of summer!